WSU Club Ultimate

Ultimate Disc


This is the place to find wall-to-wall WSU frisbee action!


General Information

The Ultimate Club is made up of three team; a Men's, Women's and a Co-ed team. As for practices, we all play together, considering our Men and Women's players play for both their respected teams and the Co-ed team.

Suspicious Package Ultimate:

Is the name of our Men's and Co-ed team. SPU is based of the UPS concept, our colors used to be yellow and brown, but this year we have decided to go to the traditional route of Crimson and Grey. The Men's team has moved more towards a competitive atmosphere and we cannot wait to see where they go.

Shipwreck Ultimate:

Is the name of the Women's team. The Women's team was just created this past year. We are expanding and always looking for more members.


Team picture after Match